Favorite baby products

These products have been really helpful for us so far, so I thought I would share a review to help make your baby shopping a little less daunting! As I slowly start back to working on orders at home, a lot of these have allowed me to be more productive while taking care of Maeve.


While I was putting together my registry, I thought these things were very overpriced and I didn’t really get the hype. People are obsessed and now I understand… this thing is magical and I don’t know what it is about it, but Maeve naps in here so well. We put it on the couch while we watch TV, in our room while I shower, or in the office while I work if she is snoozing. Trust me – get this. We have used it every single day since coming home from the hospital.

We just have the white one and put a swaddle blanket over it to make any spit up messes easier to clean up. 

Solly baby wrap 

I had to practice putting this thing on with a stuffed animal a few times before actually using it with Maeve because it is quite the process when its new. But once you get the hang of it, its quick to strap on and put the babe in. If she is fussy in the evening, I pop her in here and have both hands free and she loves it! I also put her in here if I take the dogs to play fetch in the park.

We set this up the week we got home from the hospital so that we could have her in her crib from the start. It has been so easy to use and we love it! She grunts SO loud in her sleep and I think having her in her own room has allowed all of us to get more sleep. We also bring the monitor out to the patio at night if we are having drinks or a fire so that we can keep an eye on her while she sleeps. 

Ollie swaddle

This Velcro swaddle is so easy to get her in and out of and it’s just about the only swaddle our little escape artist can’t wiggle her arms out of. Another great thing is that it is long enough to grow with your baby.

Hatch rest 

We have this night light/sound machine in her room and we put it on every night. You can control the light and sound from your phone too, which is nice when I forget to turn the night light off after sneaking out of her room in the middle of the night.


Okay I know this is like the Ferrari of strollers, but it is incredible. I have used it almost every day to take a walk, meet friends for lunch, or run errands. Dan even says that “its like butter” to push around.  


We have a few different types of pacifiers and some she takes, some she refuses. These are the best ones we have found that she is able to keep in her mouth. 

Lou Lou and Company swaddle blankets 

This brand has the cutest and softest clothes and blankets. The fabric is really stretchy and these are by far our favorite blankets to use daily!

Burts bees burp cloths 

Get about 10 of these. You will need them in every corner of your home. I thought we had an excessive amount, but if you don’t want to do laundry every five minutes you should get a bunch. These are really soft, wash well and are a good size.

Bath tub

I have nothing to compare this too, but she LOVES taking baths in here. We just sit it in our bathtub and lay her in there with a little washcloth over her body to keep her warm.

Tubby Todd all over ointment

All of the bath products and lotions we got are from this brand and they smell amazing. This ointment works for diaper rash, cradle cap, dry skin – really anything. She was starting to get a little cradle cap and this got rid of it literally overnight.

Electric nail file

If you want a challenge, try to file a newborn baby’s nails. Lets just say girlfriend was not a huge fan of her first manicure with a regular baby nail file. So obviously I turned to Amazon Prime and found this amazing thing. It is so much easier!

Haaka pump 

This was another product that people absolutely rave about, and if you are breastfeeding, I couldn’t agree more! I use this all the time.

Baby dome

Perfect for outdoor naps/playtime! It is pretty big too, so she will probably fit in here through the whole summer when we want to have patio days and keep her in the shade.  


These bows fit on a little newborn head, but are super stretchy and soft to grow with them. By far my favorite brand of bows that we got!