My favorite things

I use every single one of these things daily (except for when the leggings or cardigan are in the wash) and wanted to share all these goodies with you!

Nespresso machine: The coffee maker that I never knew I needed. I rarely spend money on Starbucks now and have some frothy goodness every morning.

Barefoot dreams cardigan: This sits by my bed and I put it on every morning like a robe. And I wear it to lounge on the couch almost every night. When its laundry day, I honestly miss this.

Linen sheets: The best sheets that get softer with every wash.

Marula oil: I use this every night mixed in with moisturizer and it has changed my skin for the better.

Align leggings: These feel like you are wearing nothing. Butter. I wore these before I was pregnant and all through my pregnancy so far.

Zum mist: A perfect alternative to candles (I love candles too, but sometimes this is easier). This is my favorite scent and I use it on our bedding, in our bathroom, and really just all over the house.

Hydroflask water bottle: It is embarrassing how much I love this water bottle. The “flask” goes everywhere I go.

Transport tote: I use this bag every day as my work bag and have used it for the past four years. It still looks brand new and it is the perfect size. Also great for a carry on!

Megan GarhanComment