Bathroom facelift


When we moved in a few years ago, we didn’t really do much to this bathroom because it looked “good enough” and a bathroom renovation seemed daunting. And then here we were a few years later, working on the nursery across the hall from this bathroom, and we got the itch to give it a little facelift.

Here is a picture from the house listing when we moved in

Here is a picture from the house listing when we moved in

I am lucky enough to have a handy husband and our parents that live close by who are always willing to help. I played no role in the hard part of this project, which was ripping the vanity out and tearing the glued mirror off the wall. (Thanks Dan!) Next came a lot of patching. A ton. (Thanks dad in law!)

Then we painted the walls Balboa Mist and put up beadboard with simple white trim. This was the perfect way to keep the colors neutral, but add a little bit more texture.

Since we did this renovation on a whim, we kept a pretty tight budget and everything that we bought was very affordable - from Amazon, Target, and Ikea. We had a light fixture in storage that I decided to use and just spray painted it gold to match the faucet and hardware. And then one of my favorite purchases and finishing touches is a print by one of my favorite artists, Brynn W. Casey.