I am really passionate about ice cream and I am passionate about helping people.


This passion has filled up the creative side of my heart and soul, but it has allowed me continue to follow my other passions. I work as a full time physical therapist, and unlike a lot of other creatives, I love my “9-5.” Because THAT is a passion that I chased after for a long time. And nothing about that was accidental (more like a lot of studying and tuition and time and work). But we all have more than one passion in our lives. And that is a blessing.


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Favorite stores to peruse: Target, Home Depot, Madewell

Drink of choice: Honey Latte

Go to outfit: If I am not leaving the house, grey sweatpants + grey sweatshirt, hair on top of my head. If I am leaving the house, jeans + white tee.

Ideal way to spend a day off: On the couch with Dan and the pups

Thing I am most excited about right now: Becoming a mom